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LAFC’s Brian Rodriguez named to 2021 MLS 22 Under 22

Rodriguez a return entry on the list.

Los Angeles Football Club v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

It’s that time of year again, when those at release their list for the top 22 players, under the age of 22. While many would agree that team success, and the ‘results on the pitch’ matter the most, honors such as this are important. They not only bring about some confidence for players, but it acknowledges a player’s efforts, regardless of the team as a whole’s performance.

Despite having a rough season, LAFC can once again take pride in being able to not just identify, but cultivate the younger talent that walks through their doors. One such example, forward Brian Rodriguez. The Uruguayan makes the list for the second straight year, proving once again, he is one of the best young talents in all of MLS.

While he may have fallen from the No. 2 spot last year, to this year’s ranking at No. 4, it’s important to remember a large chunk of his 2021 MLS campaign was spent abroad, while on loan, at UD Almería.

At his best, Rodriguez is one of the most electric, quick-footed, talented, and fun player to watch. The biggest problem for LAFC in recent months, has been getting him to put his best foot forward. The time on loan seemed to have lit a fire under him, one that the black and gold hopes spread to the rest of the team as they prepare for their playoff push.

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