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LAFC collaborate with Adidas for second edition of special samba shoes

LAFCSamba 2.0 is back.

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Courtesy of LAFC

After last year’s collaboration between LAFC and Adidas was so successful that tons of people who wanted the special edition samba shoes were left empty-handed, comes the second edition of the collaboration. This year, Adidas is dropping three versions of the special-edition LAFC sambas.

The LAFCSamba 2.0, inspired by the secondary kit that dropped this season and pictured above, will drop on Saturday, Nov. 13 at, in-store at WSS,, and other local Adidas retailers.

A second version, a “Friends + Family” blackout samba that mirrors the primary kit, will drop exclusively at FootyCon on the NTWRK app on Wednesday. These are very limited edition, so good luck and move fast!

Courtesy of LAFC

And finally, there is one custom-made version of the sambas that’s been designed and created by sneaker customizers Factory8384. They’ve taken parts of the actual secondary kit to make a one-of-a-kind samba that will be given away to one lucky Adidas Creators Club member. The drawing will be open Nov. 15-18 and the drawing will take place on Nov. 19.

Courtesy of LAFC.

So there’s the rundown. Happy shopping/raffling, and if you’re looking to cop one of these pairs, good luck to you!

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