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‘A new dawn’ is upon us: Angel City FC unveil inaugural jersey

Angel City FC unveiled their inaugural jersey to the world this morning, and the reaction has been....

Courtesy of Angel City FC

It’s finally here! Since the announcement of NWSL coming to LA, three things have been anticipated. The team’s name, the team colors, and the inaugural jersey. We’ve had two of the three for the better part of 2021, and now, a month away from LA hosting both NWSL Expansion and College drafts, we have a jersey.

“Our inaugural jersey will be one for the history books,” said ACFC founding investor and soccer legend Abby Wambach in a statement. “This sets a new and rightful standard on what women’s sports are worth and what a team can mean to the community. We will wear it proudly. This is THE jersey. Our jersey.”

I’m the type of person who likes to do chores on a Friday to have the whole weekend to relax. I finish off the peas before digging into the ice cream, and typically want bad news first. Despite the reaction, deservedly, being overwhelming positive, we do need to address the Sol Rosa colored elephant in the room.

Since the day the team colors were announced, Sol Rosa pink became the instant favorite, and many, myself included, had hoped to see the team take a risk and go all in on a pink jersey. Which is why some may feel underwhelmed by the reveal. Sure, black home jerseys are the trendy thing in soccer at the moment, but the Art Deco style give it a unique spin. It’s also important to point out, this is only the first unveiling. The team will also unveil the away jersey in the future, so the possibility of Sol Rosa being heavily featured is still very much real. Especially considering pink is closer to what normally would be the white for away jerseys. Here’s hoping we get what we all, very clearly, say we want.

Courtesy of Angel City FC

Now, back to the positives, of which there are plenty! Perhaps the most intriguing part of the release so far, is the mystery over the lettering and crest color. In most photos, they appear to be a shade of pink, but in other photos, namely the one above that the team account tweeted out, they definitely look solid white. My guess, it’s likely a shade of pink, but undoubtedly far from the vibrant shade used on other team merchandise.

More than anything, this jersey builds excitement. It makes you want to keep tabs on the club to see how the away version will look, it gets you excited to see how the team’s first signing, Christen Press, will look in it, and it gets you excited for the upcoming 2022 season, when the team finally take the field. Most importantly, it isn't overwhelming bad. It may not be everyone’s ‘dream’ jersey, but it is a very good start. It makes a statement, Angel City have arrived. Given the team’s affinity for rule breaking, this very much gives, black Air Force Ones, energy. Which we are for.

While we can dissect all day long, and go over what should have been done, we’d rather focus on what this jersey means. Rebellion 99, the first supporters group for the team, with members who were at the forefront of bringing an NWSL team to LA, said it best in a tweet they posted last night.

More than how it looks, or what color it is, the inaugural jersey is the culmination of a ton of hard work. It’s the realization of what once was a dream, and a hope. An NWSL team has been brought to Los Angeles. A month away from the city hosting two league drafts, and just months away from the start of their inaugural season, the people who've supported this club since it was just an idea, now have something real. That, is the real takeaway from today.

What do you think about the jersey? How do you feel about the upcoming season? Leave a comment below!