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Happy Thanksgiving from Angels on Parade

We are very thankful after another wild year.

Waterford v Shamrock Rovers - SSE Airtricity League Premier Division Photo By Seb Daly/Sportsfile via Getty Images

2020 was a year like no other, and one we hopefully don’t have to live through again. 2021 in some ways was better, in other ways, not too much, honestly.

The COVID vaccine came out for the public, and hopefully all of you reading who are eligible and able to take it have done so. We got to come back to games! We got to see our families in person again! We got to sit at a restaurant and eat, something previously taken for granted!

But the pandemic remains a fixture in our lives in many ways, and on the soccer front, it was a mixed bag. LAFC fell flat, frankly, on the field, but Orange County SC have made their first ever league final! Angel City FC haven’t taken the field yet but they have a crest! And a pretty, pretty good player!

The point is, in years good and bad, for a person or a society, we still have to be thankful for what we can. We are all in it en las buenas y las malas, as the saying goes.

We’re thankful for soccer continuing, which hasn’t always been easy and sometimes seems like it’s trending to games all the flippin’ time, but this was a relatively normal season and again, seeing people back in the stands again was a welcome return to normality.

I’m thankful to the site contributor who joined the staff in recent months, Trebor Tracy, who’s been a fantastic addition to the site and is only getting started. With his help, we’re on track to reach greater heights moving forward on Angels on Parade.

And of course I’m thankful to the clubs for working with our media requests and sending over materials, answering questions and setting up zoom availabilities.

As always, thanks to all the readers of the site and the commenters who take the time to leave their thoughts here. We wouldn’t be here without you!

So here’s hoping you have a Happy Thanksgiving, however you are able to celebrate it this year.

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