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2022 MLS schedule release: LAFC

MLS released the full schedule for the upcoming 2022 season, here’s what stands out.

Real Salt Lake v Los Angeles FC Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images

LAFC may not yet have a driver for 2022, but they know the road they’ll travel. MLS off-season waits for no team, coach or not, and yesterday the full schedule for the upcoming season was announced.

If you're looking for the full slate of games, you can do so here. For now though, let’s highlight some of the more intriguing match-ups you have to look forward to in 2022.

El Tráfico : @LAG 4/9 , vs LAG 7/8

This is the match both sides look to circle on schedule announcement day. This has quickly become the premiere rivalry match for both teams, and after both sides had disappointing ends to 2021, the 2022 chapters of this rivalry will be can't-miss viewing.

Welcome to the Wild West : @NASH 7/17 , vs NASH 10/9

With the recent addition of Charlotte FC to MLS, Nashville is packing up and realigning to the Western Conference. With their inaugural season kicking off in 2020, and due to the restricted schedule due to the pandemic, this will be the first season these two teams meet. This will also be the first time LAFC fans see Walker Zimmerman for the first time since his trade in 2019. It’s always interesting when teams meet for the first time, this should be no different.

Opening day opportunity : vs COL 2/26 , @COL 5/14

The Colorado Rapids. With a slight glimmer of hope to make the postseason, LAFC were thumped on the road against a spoiler Rapids side that came away with the 5-2 win. It was pain. LAFC will have a chance, at home, for some immediate revenge. More importantly, it’s a great opportunity to start the season off not just with a win, but with a statement.

The biggest takeaway from the 2022 schedule is finally returning to some level of balance. We no longer have to see the Seattle Sounders or Portland Timbers four times in a season. There is a healthy mix of Eastern Conference sides to keep things interesting, including getting to host the newcomers, Charlotte FC, on August 13th. The build-up to 2022 has begun.

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