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The best of Angels on Parade in 2021

Looking back before we forge ahead.

Matt May/Tampa Bay Rowdies

Did you know this website launched 10 years ago? That’s right, a lifetime ago, this site, with a different name and covering a different MLS team altogether, got off the ground. In the nearly 11 years since, there’s been ups, downs and a lot of changes. Kind of like 2021!

Well, I stuck around, and so far no teams have disappeared (although we’re adding a new team, Angel City FC!) but 2021 in general was a “two steps forward, two steps back” kind of year. As we wait out another cursed year, let’s take a final look back before saying good riddance and hoping we don’t get fooled again — perhaps 2022 will be better, somehow.

Here’s a look back at the best from Angels on Parade in 2021:

Thanks, as always, for reading! Happy New Year!

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