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LAFC reportedly going for ring T-shirt look for new secondary jersey

Like retro? This one may be for you.

Supposedly, it basically looks like this.

Remember the ring t-Shirt look of the 1990s? I certainly do, the look being a “retro” look at the time, as proof that fashion becomes increasingly cyclical and self-referential.

Well, what if I told you that reports have emerged that LAFC’s new alternate jersey will fully deploy the ring T-shirt design? Because that is what’s circulating.

Per Footy Headlines, which is typically spot-on about MLS jersey leaks, LAFC’s alternate will be an off-white color called “linen” with black rings around the collar and the bottom of the sleeves.

Here’s a reputed drop of the look:

Bear in mind that this design, which may look pretty plain here, should have a jersey sponsor across the chest, and likely a sleeve sponsor again. Plus, there will be a player name and number on the back to break up the basic.

LAFC have previously gone with black and gold primary jerseys and white secondary jerseys with gray design elements. This represents a departure, if accurate, although a subtle one.

It’s worth noting that while this is a leak and not confirmed, Footy Headlines does tend to be pretty accurate, and regardless of the look, LAFC’s secondary jersey has already been produced. We just have to wait for the big reveal, which will come probably anytime between now and mid-April when the season starts. Stay tuned.


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