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LAFC full preseason camp to begin March 8

But there will be plenty of action in the meantime.

FBL-WC-RUSSIA-2018-USA-URU-MEX Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

MLS announced some details around the opening of preseason training camps on Saturday. With the 2021 regular season set to start April 17, full training camp for clubs not involved in the Concacaf Champions League will begin March 8.

The process will come in steps, however. Players can begin reporting to do individual training, undergo medical screenings and go through a quarantine period anytime between now and March 1, although team coaches and staff are not supposed to be involved in any group or individual training sessions before March 1.

Meanwhile, players have to report by March 1, and the full shebang will kick off March 8 after the last arriving players have cleared quarantine. So there’s some wiggle room for players between now and March 8 depending on their desires and personal situations.

So, LAFC will be in action in the next few weeks as the action ramps up, and since they’re not in the CCL this year they won’t be getting started early this time around. Get ready for images that we’ll scrutinize and announcements about trialists (although the pandemic may complicate the usual trialist situation in training camp, we’ll see) coming very soon!

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