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A purchase price for Brian Rodriguez at Almería emerges

LAFC could get a profit (if the option is picked up).

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The departure of Brian Rodriguez to Spanish outfit Almería on loan came with plenty of questions. One of the biggest: What is the purchase price from LAFC?

MLS teams typically don’t spill the beans on this topic, and I am not holding my breath for the club to disclose the price. But sometimes the fee sneaks out into the open one way or another anyway, and that’s happened already.

The fee? Said to be $11 million-$19 million, according to’s Tom Bogert.

Now, how does that fit with Rodriguez’s purchase by LAFC in 2019? There have also been various figures swimming around, but my understanding is it was around $8 million.

As a result, the $11 million-19 million fee would represent a profit and one of the top transfer fees in MLS history, helping to put LAFC’s flag in the sand as a team that drives a favorable bargain in the transfer market. Honestly, it’s a higher price than I was expecting.

Now, LAFC said the purchase by Almería could be triggered if “certain performance thresholds are met.” Bogert’s tweet discussing the purchase price focuses on individual performance triggers, but I suspect this deal is also contingent on Almería reaching La Liga next season. I just can’t see them smashing their transfer record while they are in the 2nd division.

Of course, if their record purchase is a bit under $10 million previously, will Almería actually pony up and purchase Rodriguez permanently or is this really a short-term rental to try and get into the top flight?

The current owner of the club is a Saudi man who is not royalty but is closely connected to the Saudi royal family, and since he took over in 2019 they’ve made five of their six biggest signings in club history. Still, north of $11 million would be a hike over previous transfers, although again, if they make it into La Liga, perhaps they’ll gamble a player like Rodriguez can keep them in the top flight and/or make them money by being sold on.

So we’ll see what happens. Again, don’t expect any movement at all on LAFC’s third Designated Player spot technically vacated by Rodriguez’s loan departure, because he could very well end up back in LA in the summer. Whether he wants it or not. Stay tuned.

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