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Looks like LAFC have a new jersey sponsor for 2021

Get ready to hear some flex puns.


We’ve yet to hear anything official from LAFC regarding a jersey sponsor for the club for the 2021 season. With their deal with YouTube TV presumed to be done after the 2020 season, mock-ups for the new secondary jersey were missing a jersey sponsor, leaving a mystery as to whether LAFC may not have a jersey sponsor to start the upcoming season.

However, LAFC hosted a media day on Friday, and eagle-eyed watchers found an LAFC player taking promo shots while wearing the primary jersey, with a new sponsor on the front.

Yes, you can see it says “FLEX” across the front, pretty clearly in this shot, with something written under it that’s illegible here. Flex is indeed a German tool company, although if you do an online search, there are lots of products that have the brand name “Flex,” too.

I will say, the typeface here and the typeface of “Flex” on the German company’s site appear to be different, but it’s possible this is an alternative typeface for the company, we’ll see.

The cat’s out of the bag, but I imagine LAFC will officially announce this sponsorship pretty soon. The club kick off their 2021 season April 17 against Austin FC.

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