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LAFC release “Heart of Gold Community” secondary jersey

The new look is official.

Courtesy of LAFC

LAFC released their secondary jersey for the 2021-22 seasons on Sunday, with the “Heart of Gold” look.

The previous leaks were accurate, with the new kit a light-colored (the club officially calls it a hue of gold) look with black accents, rings around the collar and sleeves and the trademark Adidas three stripes on the shoulder. The Flex Power Tools new front jersey sponsor is in black lettering, while the sleeve rings have “Los Angeles” written on them.

One other note that the club didn’t announce but is clearly visible on some of the player jerseys is a Postmates sleeve sponsorship on the right sleeve.

I believe this second sleeve sponsorship won’t be available on authentic kits for sale, only the Target sponsorship on the left sleeve will be available on jerseys for sale to the public. But it appears there’s another sponsorship the club has secured that has been all but officially announced at this point.

I have to say, the sponsor on the front of this jersey makes a huge difference. Without it, the jersey looked like a plain ring t-shirt, but this looks like an actual jersey. And while I quite liked the previous secondary jersey, this is a simple but solid look.

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