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LAFC team up with 4 clubs to support farm workers for Cesar Chavez Day

Efforts include COVID vaccination drive.

Aid Group Spreads Word On COVID-19 Vaccines To Farm Workers In California Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Five professional soccer clubs in the state of California — LAFC, the LA Galaxy, San Jose Earthquakes, Sacramento Republic and Oakland Roots — announced Wednesday that in honor of it being Cesar Chavez Day, they would form a coalition to raise funds and support farm workers.

The clubs are doing a grant match challenge, where they will each aim to raise up to $3,000, with any amount donated doubled by the respective clubs. That money will then go to the UFW Foundation and their efforts to provide relief to those impacted by COVID-19, as well as help push farm workers to get vaccinated.

Cesar Chavez was a farm worker, labor organizer — who founded the United Farm Workers, and activist who was perhaps the first person in American history to bring attention to the plight of farm workers in this country. Many farm workers are immigrants, transient based on where their work is needed at a given time, and paid poorly, to this day, while working in dangerous conditions. The release on this coalition notes: “According to recent studies, farm workers are not only more likely to be infected with COVID-19, but they are also most likely to die from it. In response to these findings, UFW Foundation has begun hosting vaccination events throughout California where thousands of farm workers have already received the COVID-19 vaccine since the first weeks of March.”

Wednesday is Cesar Chavez Day, and it’s fitting that a man who lived and worked and organized throughout the state has brought together five soccer teams throughout California to offer much-needed support to farm workers.

If you are a farm worker or know someone who is: Vaccinations are available to all farm workers 18 years or older at no charge. No health insurance or doctor’s note are required. Farm workers are encouraged to call the bilingual toll-free call centers of UFW Foundation (661) 501-4280 to see what vaccination events are near them.

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