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LAFC make appointments of Thorrington, Freedman as co-presidents permanent

Duo will continue in roles they’ve held since last year.

MLS: LAFC Culinary Tour Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

LAFC announced Wednesday they have made the club co-presidency of John Thorrington and Larry Freedman permanent.

The duo took on the co-president duties in August 2020 on an interim basis following the departure of previous president Tom Penn. Thorrington, also the GM, oversees the sporting aspects of the company. Freedman, also the Chief Business Officer, takes charge of business and other non-sporting matters at the club.

Both men have found success in their respective realms, helping LAFC to be an immediate success. This offseason, they have both made additions to the roster in the hopes of competing in multiple competitions again in 2021, and also inked several sponsorships, including two new jersey sponsorships.

It’s not exactly a surprise that the two men will continue to be co-presidents, since there’s no one way to structure a club and there probably weren’t any replacement candidates just hanging around anyway. Keep the wins coming in various ways and I’m sure the club and fanbase alike will be happy.

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