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New Las Vegas Lights GK Alex Rando has famous fan; Ejimadu out for season

All kinds of random notes about the Lights FC GKs.

Syndication: Arizona Republic Patrick Breen/The Republic via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Las Vegas Lights FC are not off to a great start this season, with three losses in three games so far, but there’s been some news of note, or at least stuff that may make you go, “Huh” when you read it.

First, for those familiar with goalkeeper Phillip Ejimadu from his time under contract at LAFC, the youngster looks like he won’t be suiting up for Lights FC at all this year after the club announced he underwent season-ending surgery for an undisclosed injury. Bummer for him, hope he gets well soon.

With the player who started Las Vegas’ first two games in goal, Tomas Romero, back at LAFC serving as the backup in their game on Saturday, there was an opening in the position for Saturday’s Lights FC game at Phoenix Rising FC. Duncan Turnbull remained on the bench, and the club announced a new signing the day of the game, in Alex Rando from the University of Virginia.

It’s unclear if Rando is on a USL Academy contract and therefore will be around for a little while as an amateur before returning to Virginia, or if he’s turned pro. Las Vegas hasn’t been putting out press releases about signings since the season started so we can get the info that’s available from tweets, unfortunately.

Wait, hold on. Did Rainn Wilson tweet about Rando’s signing like a superfan?

Yes, indeed he did. I had to double-take and check the account to make sure that the Rainn Wilson, the guy who made an indelible impression as the moon-faced part-time paper salesman, part-time farmer, former volunteer police officer Dwight Schrute on “The Office” was tweeting about a rando (heh) soccer player, but indeed he was.

So why was Dwig— I mean, Rainn Wilson suddenly interested in a rookie goalkeeper playing for Las Vegas? I can’t say I’ve found a definitive link, but I bet Wilson knows Rando’s family. Wilson has an extensive stage acting resumé, including in New York, and Rando hails from New York City. In fact, Rando’s father John is a stage director, and I would not be shocked if they have worked together or at least run in the same circles.

One more note about Rando’s performance on Saturday, which was a 5-1 loss to Phoenix. That sounds bad in isolation, but Phoenix broke a league record in terms of how many shots they took on the night, and Rando made a remarkable 15 saves, also a record for a debut performance. That would be a good night for any ‘keeper, even letting in five goals, honestly, but coming on your debut at the pro level is actually very impressive.

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