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New staff writer joins Angels on Parade!

Trebor Tracy joins Angels on Parade as their newest Staff Writer.

MLS: U.S. Open Cup-San Jose Earthquakes at LAFC Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hello! This is Trebor Tracy, the newest staff writer to join the Angels on Parade fam, and your newest source for any and all things LAFC. Some of you are probably familiar with who I am, but for those giving ConorMcGregor.gif vibes, allow me to properly introduce myself. Originally from Oakland, California, I moved to Los Angeles in 2015.

My goal then, was essentially the same as it is now: To do everything I can to tell stories through sports, and help grow the beautiful game of soccer, nationwide. It was around this time that another addition to Los Angeles began to make its presence known, a soccer club that was ready to aim high, earn the respect of the city, and shake up the landscape of the sport in LA. I admired that. It’s what drew me like a moth to flame. I began covering the team for other publications in 2017, and have relished every moment of it.

So, what are you getting from me as a writer? As those who know some of my work will tell you, I am objective. If bad play needs to be called out, it will be no hesitation. It also means great play with receive equal praise. Personally, I try to avoid falling into this era of hot takes and try my best to truly see every situation from all points of view. Most importantly I love the game of soccer. I love watching it played beautifully, the excitement of a goal that had no business going in, or a perfectly played cross that's met with a delicate touch that can only be provided by the human skull. My hope is to continue bringing the insight you've come to trust so much from this site, while adding my unique flair to it.

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