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Um, actually, Kellyn Acosta plays for LAFC

If you like cringe, uh, guess you’ll love this.

2022 MLS Cup Media Day Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Kellyn Acosta plays for LAFC. He hasn’t always played for LAFC, but when he wasn’t playing for LAFC, this year, he has never played for the Philadelphia Union.

At Thursday’s big pre-MLS Cup Final press conference, however, the LAFC midfielder was asked how important MLS Cup would be for Philadelphia, a city he has never lived in and played for.

First of all, credit to Acosta for not being a jerk about it all. He tried to help the hapless reporter out, but that person was determined to make it about Philly. And then, when the initial attempt didn’t work, Acosta, a Texas native, had to pull out his Dallas Cowboys fandom to make it clear that no, he’s definitely not a Philly partisan. He doesn’t play there, and he doesn’t root for their teams.

This surreal moment was definitely the “Chicago Fire winning the World Cup” moment of the 2022 season in MLS. Maybe one day soccer will be big enough that players getting ready for their league’s title game will not have to awkwardly correct the record on which team they play for.

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