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LAFC goalkeeper Maxime Crepeau has surgery on broken leg

International makes major sacrifice for MLS Cup.

Crepeau hyping up the crowd after suffering the catastrophic injury.
Brenton Tse

LAFC announced on Sunday that goalkeeper Maxime Crepeau underwent surgery for a fractured right leg, the procedure deemed “successful” by the club.

Crepeau broke his leg in the 110th minute of LAFC’s MLS Cup win over the Philadelphia Union on Saturday at The Banc. Colliding with Cory Burke on a last-gasp challenge with the Union forward bearing down on goal, Crepeau sold out his body to keep the score level and the consequences were immediate — in addition to breaking his leg, the injury so gruesome that Fox refused to show any replays of the play at all, Crepeau also got a red card for the challenge.

Beyond that, Crepeau’s injury means he will miss the 2022 World Cup, which starts in just a couple weeks. Crepeau was the No. 2 GK for Canada, who are in their first World Cup on the men’s side since 1986. So this is a pretty heartbreaking turn of events.

On the other hand, Crepeau did his part to help LAFC win MLS Cup, and you have to think his personal sacrifice will not be forgotten by the black-and-gold faithful. LAFC did not specify how long Crepeau will be out, but it seems pretty likely he won’t be ready for the start of the 2023 season on Feb. 23. Still, here’s hoping the recovery and rehab go well and Max gets well soon!

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