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LAFC party down in MLS Cup celebration

MLS’s newest champions wasted no time in holding celebrations.

Courtesy of LAFC

Just a day after playing part in arguably the greatest match ever played in the MLS, LAFC were back outside to celebrate their spoils, most notably the 2022 MLS Cup. The team had secured buses for the mini-parade around Christmas Tree Lane in Pepsi Plaza, and held a rally right outside The Banc for fans on Sunday. As you might expect, there were plenty there looking to celebrate the biggest win in club history, and bask one last time in the glorious season that was 2022.

The team pulled up with not just the MLS Cup, but their Western Conference trophy as well as the second Supporters’ Shield they were able to come away with this season, giving them the Domestic Double. The evening had everything you would expect and more. There was great food, immaculate vibes, adult beverages flowing, and even a one-man dance party featuring Latif Blessing center stage. There were multiple trophy lifts as every player took the stage to address the fans.

One of the more poignant moments of the night came when Carlos Vela and Blessing took the stage together. A poetic conclusion to a journey that had come full circle. The two original players remaining after the club went through its most recent evolution, two players who had seen and help build this club from literally nothing, into the championship side it is today.

Courtesy of LAFC

Of course, the king himself, Carlos Vela, once again took the stage to thank fans for their support, and their patience. “I remember the first day I got to Los Angeles, I stood right here and I promised that we would achieve big things, that we would be champions. It took five years. Sorry it took so long, but here’s the [freaking] cup!” he exclaimed to the crowd, who then promptly erupted in even more joy. It was the perfect night, to end what has been a perfect season for LAFC.

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