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Where LAFC are scheduled to pick in 2023 MLS Draft

Might we see LAFC make selections again?

Courtesy of MLS

The 2023 MLS SuperDraft is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, and although the draft has receded in importance over the years around the league, it is still a mechanism for teams to add to their rosters and more broadly, their organizations.

This year the MLS Draft is three rounds, and heading into the activities as of Tuesday, LAFC have two selections for the 2023 season:

  • 2nd Round, No. 29 (No. 58 overall)
  • 3rd Round, No. 29 (No. 87 overall)

Will LAFC make selections with those picks? Time will tell. They could trade them, before or after the draft, they could pass, but I think it’s likely they will make selections after skipping the 2022 Draft altogether. There’s one big reason for that: LAFC will be launching an MLS Next Pro reserve team, and while many of the players will come from the LAFC Academy and a few from the first team, they’re going to need more players and so a few prospects could get the nod and the chance to impress within the organization. And obviously, if the team really likes a player, there’s always a chance he gets a first-team contract, too.

We’ll keep you posted on draft day news for the black-and-gold, and we’ll see what happens.

How to Watch the 2023 MLS SuperDraft:

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