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Report: LAFC, Carlos Vela in talks for contract extension

After opening-day performance, let’s hope so.

Colorado Rapids v Los Angeles FC Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images

After a stunning opening week performance for LAFC to kick off the 2022 season, star forward Carlos Vela’s strange contract situation has drawn even more attention, as you might expect.

Vela’s contract will run out in June, which is just a few months into the 2022 MLS season, with the attacker telling reporters he was “waiting for the offer” from the club and “living in the moment” last week, before he went out and beat the Colorado Rapids 3-0 with a hat trick performance.

On Sunday, ESPN commentator Taylor Twellman reported on a broadcast that he thinks a new deal for Vela with LAFC is imminent.

“I am under the impression they are in to negotiations about a contract extension,” Twellman said. “And I just think Carlos Vela having the best stretch of his career when he showed up to LAFC and that 2019 year, when he stole the show with Zlatan [Ibrahimovic] here in LA, I just think he needs to be very smart with understanding that LAFC have done well by him, he’s done well by LAFC. I’d be shocked if there isn’t a marriage for another 18 to 24 months in the next few weeks.”

I’ll say up front that Twellman is plugged into MLS circles and he really doesn’t get reports wrong. However, in looking at the wording he used here, it’s quite a bit more ambiguous than “Vela and LAFC are about to finish a new deal.” It sounds hopeful, but not yet an occasion to declare it a done deal.

We all know Vela marches to his own beat, and in many ways that is to be very much admired. At the same time, I think he genuinely likes Los Angeles and playing in MLS and I don’t think he’s necessarily eager to peace out midseason. Based on Twellman’s report, I think there’s reason for optimism but this remains a “wait and see” situation for the time being.

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