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Closer look: Angel City FC 2022 regular season schedule

Matches to watch in the inaugural season.

Courtesy of Angel City FC

We finally got the NWSL regular season schedule drop we were all waiting for. The league released their schedule for the 2022 season on Wednesday, and Angel City FC have the honor of not only playing in the season opener, but hosting it. While the NWSL continues to grow, it's still at a size where every team will play each other twice, meaning each team will eventually find themselves at The Banc for a match against the expansion side. Even still, there are some matches that stand out, and some away trips you should definitely consider for the team's inaugural season.

If neutrals didn't have enough reason to throw salt at Angel City, here's another one. The expansion side will get the honor of kicking off the 2022 regular season campaign at home, hosting the league's season opener. The Banc will be on full display as the over 14k season ticket holders, plus probably a bunch more, will have an opportunity to make their presence felt early. I’m sure many of those of you reading already have your tickets, but if you don't, get them. Now, home openers are always special, but home openers that serve as the league's season opener, while also being the first-ever NWSL match for the expansion side, will make that night all the more special.

This isn't just a can't-miss match, it's a can't-miss event.

Last season the Reign and MLS counterparts Seattle Sounders held a unique experience. They offered both matches on the same day when they hosted the Cascadia Rivalry matches against the Portland Timbers and Thorns, respectively. This year they are doing it again, this time against the LA teams. LAFC will play the Sounders in the afternoon, ACFC against the Reign in the evening. Now, I more than anyone understand not all Angel City fans support LAFC, but for those that do, this is a special opportunity that should definitely be taken. Even if you aren't an MLS fan, a chance to not only support Angel City, but watch the Reign at Lumen Field, is one of those bucket-list items that every NWSL fan should do.

  • vs. San Diego Wave FC - 7/9

Rivalry match at home, anything more to say? Fellow expansion side San Diego Wave is the early favorite as ACFC’s main rival. The teams might not be in the same city, but as both are in the Southern California area, both expansion sides, and both part of the West Coast lifestyle, it's easy to see why they'd be natural rivals. These two meet for the first time in just a few days at the Challenge Cup tournament, but this will be a regular season match, at The Banc. It’s a chance to really stake a claim as the premier team and destination for those looking to experience some SoCal soccer.

  • vs. Racing Louisville - 9/25

This one is a bit more interesting. Racing fans are still very much sour about how Angel City were able to acquire inaugural signing Christen Press, and haven't been shy about throwing shade at the LA club. Whether or not that grudge carries over to the pitch remains to be seen. However as a team not so removed from being an expansion side themselves, it’s possible this match could plant the seeds to a very interesting organic rivalry. At the very least, a minor annoyance between the two. Either way, it should be a fun match to be at as the season winds down and the team — hopefully — is in the midst of postseason preparations.

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