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Angel City FC reveal updated preseason roster

There are a few new faces in training camp.

Courtesy of Angel City FC

Wednesday was a deadline day for NWSL teams in terms of an updated preseason roster, and 2022 expansion outfit Angel City FC obliged us with a new list of players gearing up for the Challenge Cup, scheduled to begin in about two weeks.

Considering Angel City have gone with a smaller preseason roster this year by design, there haven’t been major cuts to the group in training camp, but there have been a few departures and newcomers along the way.

Forwards: Simone Charley, Jun Endo (INT), Tyler Lussi, Christen Press, Jasmyne Spencer

Midfielders: Hope Breslin, Katie Cousins, Stefany Ferrer Van Ginkel (INT), Annie Karich (NRI), Savannah McCaskill, Lily Nabet, Cari Roccaro, Miri Taylor (INT, NYR), Dani Weatherholt

Defenders: Vanessa Gilles (INT), Sarah Gorden, Paige Nielsen, Ali Riley, Allyson Swaby, M.A. Vignola, Dominique Randle (NRI), Megan Reid (NRI), Natalie Higgins (NRI)

Goalkeepers: DiDi Haračić, Brittany Isenhour, Maia Perez (NRI)

Katie McClure appears to have departed, and Sydney Cassalia, both trialists, and Expansion Draft selection Claire Emslie, currently playing at Everton, is no longer listed. That could be because she is not coming this year, or it could be that she will be added once the Women’s Super League season in England ends, we’ll see there.

There’s four new trialists listed. Annie Karich is one of the most intriguing names, based on her age and spot in her career. The high school senior has committed to playing NCAA soccer for Santa Clara, but was invited to train with ACFC, the only youth player to get the nod. Karich plays club soccer for Beach FC and is a member of the U.S. U-20 national team pool. It’s unclear if ACFC are seriously considering signing Karich or if she’s helping to make up the numbers in training camp, but time will tell on that front.

Meanwhile, Dominique Randle is a member of the Philippines national soccer team that recently qualified for its first-ever World Cup. The 27-year-old defender is a product of USC, so she knows Los Angeles, and is a Washington state native, so she would not take up an international roster slot if signed. Considering Sarah Gorden’s knee injury, the club may look to add more center back depth for the upcoming season.

Megan Reid is a product of the University of Virginia who appears to be looking to get in the reckoning in the NWSL. Fun fact, she was previously on trial this preseason with San Diego Wave FC, so she may have a bit of intel on the other NWSL expansion team.

And Natalie Higgins is an Oregon State product who is also looking to get on an NWSL roster. She appears to have been a high school teammate of ACFC midfielder Dani Weatherholt, the pair growing up in San Clemente.

It’s unclear what the roster size will be this season for NWSL teams, but one figures Angel City is right around the limit, since that’s been their stated purpose all along. That doesn’t mean there may not be more movement on the horizon, but we’ll keep you posted if there are changes.

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