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Angel City FC to train at California Lutheran University

NWSL outfit has weekday home.

Courtesy of Angel City FC

Angel City FC announced on Tuesday they will make California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks their training base. The deal is initially for two years, with an option to extend the deal a third season.

“It’s wonderful to have a new home in Cal Lutheran, which provides the elements of a practice facility that an elite team needs to train at peak form,” said ACFC Vice President of Player Development and Operations Angela Hucles Mangano in a team statement. “Finding so many high-quality features in one location in the greater Los Angeles area is rare, and Cal Lutheran has those elements.”

Angel City FC will help fund improvements to North Field at Cal Lutheran, with plans for a future track to be installed after the club departs the school as their training facility. In addition, ACFC will receive access to William Rolland Stadium and Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center.

Angel City is not the first Los Angeles pro team to train at Cal Lutheran, with the Los Angeles Rams training there as well since 2016.

In addition to the training facilities, Angel City will offer internships and other mentoring opportunities to Cal Lutheran students, and members of the club will also take part in lectures on campus and other events with university student-athletes.

“Cal Lutheran is thrilled to develop this win-win partnership with Angel City. We take great pride in being a regional asset and having two professional teams currently using our beautiful campus as their professional training sites,” said Cal Lutheran President Lori E. Varlotta. “At the same time, we are pleased that this burgeoning relationship will provide our students with internships, access to stimulating guest lectures and a glimpse into what successful entrepreneurship looks like.”

While this appears to be a temporary option for ACFC, a lot will depend on when, where and if the club can find a spot to make a permanent training facility. In LA, that’s not easy, with both local MLS teams technically training on university campuses in Los Angeles County themselves. But we’ll see what happens in the future.

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