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Fenerbahçe announce permanent acquisition of Diego Rossi from LAFC

Diego Rossi and Fenerbahçe make it officially official.

Royal Antwerp FC v Fenerbahce - Group D - UEFA Europa League Photo by Jeroen Meuwsen/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Well, Diego Rossi’s time in the black-and-gold has officially come to a close. His current club, Fenerbahçe SK, announced on Friday that they have reached an agreement with LAFC to make the loan deal that was originally set for one year, permanent. The fee agreed was €5.5 million, which works out to just over $5.9m.’s Tom Bogert subsequently reported that including the loan fee, that figure would be “around $10 million” plus a “significant” percentage of the next sell-on fee to LAFC.

The deal is great business for the MLS side, as it was clear they were gearing up for a re-worked roster in place of a complete overhaul, though he was not part of that future. What’s better, LAFC also retain the sell-on percentage, should Fenerbahçe move him on to another club. That means the black-and-gold may still yet receive money from a future potential Rossi transfer.

LAFC have yet to officially announce the deal on their side, but with Fenerbahçe’s announcement, it's clear what many presumed all along has officially gotten over the line.

As for now, not only does this fill the coffers with some coin, but it also opens up the third Designated Player slot for LAFC. That means we could very well see LAFC making a deal in the near future, should they see fit. As it stands, the club have gotten off to a flying start to the season currently atop the Western Conference with a 4-1-1 record. The players also seem to be settling in well with another, while younger talents are getting opportunities to shine and contribute. That may not be something the team wants disrupted with a new signing at the moment, but time will tell, and this is LAFC. They are always on the lookout for top talent to cultivate.

We here would like to thank Diego Rossi for all he's done for the club. After all, he did score the first goal against the Sounders, etching his name forever in LAFC lore. We wish him nothing but the best, and continued success in his journey.

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