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LAFC’s 2022 player salaries revealed

How the money is being spent around the squad.

Los Angeles FC v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images

We’re in the middle of transfer windows at the moment in MLS, and that means it’s time for the MLS Players Union to release the first player salary figures for the 2022 season. That in turn means we get our first insight into LAFC’s salaries for players for the year.

As always, a few caveats up front: the numbers here do not correspond to the “salary budget” teams must comply with, and it therefore doesn’t feature things like buy-downs, cap hit figures and exempt salaries. While some players have claimed over the years these numbers are not accurate, either, this is literally all we get regarding specific player to player money information, so we’re at the mercy of what we’re given. That said, the union keeps doing this, so I guess the players aren’t too upset about having their business out in the open over the years.

LAFC’s team spent in terms of guaranteed compensation so far is $14,563,717. That seems like a lot, but with an open Designated Player spot they should still have room to spend, and for some comparison, that puts them in the middle of the pack in terms of spending, 11th overall. In contrast, league leaders Atlanta United are spending a shade under $21 million in guaranteed comp this year.

LAFC 2022 player salaries

Name Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Name Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Kellyn Acosta $1,100,000 $1,215,000
Cristian Arango $624,000 $683,000
Latif Blessing $400,000 $416,667
Jose Cifuentes $367,875 $411,750
Maxime Crepeau $275,000 $302,500
Erik Dueñas $100,000 $102,000
Franco Escobar $550,008 $550,008
Mamadou Fall $106,000 $118,750
Julian Gaines $85,444 $87,444
Francisco Ginella $450,000 $572,250
Doneil Henry $385,000 $403,000
Ryan Hollingshead $393,750 $393,750
Sebastien Ibeagha $225,000 $252,125
Cal Jennings $84,000 $84,000
Tony Leone $100,000 $102,000
John McCarthy $110,000 $110,000
Jesus David Murillo $450,000 $509,500
Danny Musovski $93,988 $93,988
Kwadwo Opoku $92,000 $133,095
Diego Palacios $486,000 $510,000
Brian Rodriguez $805,000 $1,144,800
Tomas Romero $90,000 $95,000
Ilie Sanchez $1,150,000 $1,150,000
Eddie Segura $200,000 $224,000
Ismael Tajouri-Shradi $606,375 $647,860
Christian Torres $90,000 $101,230
Mohamed Traore $100,000 $100,000
Carlos Vela $2,250,000 $4,050,000
Total $11,769,440 $14,563,717

Of the additions to the roster, midfielders Kellyn Acosta and Ilie Sanchez are both earning over $1 million, while goalkeeper Maxime Crepeau still represents a bargain considering his impact on the team. Bear in mind as well that Carlos Vela is out of contract next month, and if he continues with the team (hopefully he does) his figure will likely either go up or down. Plus, if a DP joins in the summer, that will change things, too.

But otherwise not many surprises here. While you might quibble with a handful of players seemingly making “too much” or “too little,” all in all LAFC’s squad is pretty logical in terms of how players are getting paid. We’ll see if that continues squad harmony all the way to hopefully lifting a trophy this season.

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