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Agony of defeat: Angel City FC 0, Orlando Pride 1

Angel City drop points at home against the Orlando Pride

NWSL: Orlando Pride at Angel City FC Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

sAfter the extravaganza that was the inaugural home opener, it was time for Angel City to settle into life in the NWSL. Match day two provided us a picturesque Sunday evening, celebrating Mother’s Day with some ACFC action as the team played host to Orlando Pride. Angel City were looking to add another victory in the early stages of their first-ever season.

Not a surprise, but Sydney Leroux made an appearance early, getting her Mother’s Day goal as a gift to herself, and her team. A decent cross sent the ACFC keeper diving, unable to get a hand on it, leaving Leroux with more than a good enough look for the first goal of the day.

The early goal was the only one we’d see in the first half, after Angel City were able to settle into the match. While this team is no stranger to going into a halftime break down, this was the first time it happened during the season, and the first time a goal was given up so quickly. However, the team were able to go into the break down only one, giving them plenty of time to come out and find some goals of their own, as they fought back for the result in the second half.

Pride would prove a tough nut to crack though, with ACFC unable to find the opportunity they needed to come away with the draw at the very least. The closest chance of the night for Angel City came in the final moments of the match on a beautiful give and go with Jun Endo that resulted in a Tyler Lussi shot blocked just as it was set to cross the line for the equalizer.

Angel City FC may have been the favorites coming into the match, but as sports continue to prove, there’s a reason we play the match on the pitch and not on paper. The loss is a lesson learned for the expansion side, as they continue growing together. What they need most, is time together. Often times the ideas were there, but the timing to passes were just a bit off. Those are the things that can't really be coached as much as they just come with time played together. As with any expansion side, in any sport, this is a marathon not a sprint. Time to see how the team responds next week against the defending champions.

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