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There can only be 1 name for Angel City FC-San Diego Wave FC: CHANCLÁSICO

The name the rivalry deserves, so vote for it ASAP.

England Fans World Cup Tour - Week One Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Angel City FC and San Diego Wave FC, NWSL expansion sisters, are also the first teams in California and rather natural rivals. But they’re brand new and there’s no name for the rivalry yet. What to do?

I give the clubs credit for trying to settle this so we don’t have “Shut up it must be organic!” arguments coming out of the woodwork and then 14 years later we all call it “SoCal Rivalry” because no one ever bothered to enshrine something. So, on Tuesday, the clubs have a poll going on social media for the rivalry name:

Of these options, there is one clear choice: CHANCLÁSICO!!!!

What does pretty much everyone wear in both San Diego and Los Angeles? Chanclas, aka flip flops. Trying to crowbar “Flip flops” into a rivalry name is dull, so why not go the Spanish route, the Chancla clásico, or the “I’m so excited about this rivalry I am going to smash the words together, pa’lante”: Chanclásico.

In addition, this name came from the fans. If you’re worried that a focus group in Van Nuys punched some things into a computer and the machine learning algorithm decided that “Chanclásico” was the name, to my knowledge it wasn’t, although when I explain it like that, it kind of does sound interesting. No matter. The fans did it, these cities have big Spanish-speaking contingents, everyone wears them shoes, this is the only choice.

So please, please, please take a moment to vote, but only if you do the right thing and go for Chanclásico.

Technically, you can vote twice! Make the right call.

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