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With summer, comes tailgates

Tailgate szn is here, and we have some essentials for your summer gatherings at The Banc.

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SOCCER: MAY 21 MLS - LAFC at Columbus Crew Photo by Graham Stokes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Summer is finally here in Los Angeles. While most days of the week are spent trying to keep as close to air conditioning as possible, match days are much different. Whether rain, sleet, snow, or as we get here in Southern California, excessive heat, supporters are always there ready to cheer on LAFC. That's why our friends at Target have you covered with the essentials for those pre-match get togethers.


Unfortunately, rules dictate that this incredibly handy bag can't be brought into the The Banc — all bags must be clear and see through — however it’s still a really useful summer bag. Perfect to fit a few water bottles, a blanket, a couple pairs of chanclas, or an adult beverage or two for those days at the beach. It’s also useful for those in the LAFC Running Club, perfect for all your running gear! Buy it.


Speaking of blankets, we know what you're thinking. Who needs a nice comfy blanket in the middle of a heatwave? While partially true, it’s never a bad time to stock up on anything comfy because you just never know, and for those of us with pets we know there is no such thing as too hot for comfy blankets. This LAFC throw over is perfect for those spots on the couch where your fur babies love to relax, or on car seats to keep them as clean as possible. Since it is summer, they are also really useful for beach trips to absorb the heat from that intense sand. Buy it.

LAFC T-Shirt

What list of fun products is ever complete without a t-shirt?! Again, the theme today is summer tailgates and pre-match festivities so of course, an LAFC t-shirt would be the most perfect thing to wear on match days as you pregame with the rest of the supporters. Buy it.


If you are getting out, there is no bigger need for tailgate / beach season than a nice cooler. This cooler does it all. It’s not huge so you won't need to lug it around everywhere, a nice personal size for those of us not trying to share. Big enough for several tall cans, maybe a water or two, and pouches for snacks! It also looks really nice decked out in black and gold. The best way to rep the squad, while enjoying the sun! Buy it.

LAFC Seat Cushion

Seat cushions are something I personally have grown to love as I get older. Especially with how lacking in comfort most arena and stadium seating can be. More importantly, they are absolutely necessary during the summer in especially hot areas like Los Angeles. There is nothing worse than sitting on a hot seat for several hours and this cushion not only provides comfort, but it helps keep your bottom cool. Buy it.

So, next time you're planning a trip to The Banc, a day at the beach, or just a Sunday party in the park, make sure you are all stocked up and ready to not only have fun, but represent LAFC while doing so!