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Check out the new Angel City FC T-shirt drop on BreakingT

Officially licensed too!

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Courtesy of BreakingT

Angel City FC are riding high after their rivalry win over San Diego Wave FC on Saturday, and if you are looking for some fresh ACFC merch, BreakingT has you covered.

The retailer has a new T-shirt line, featuring a little something for everyone, including player T-shirts for new addition Sydney Leroux and Christen Press (but the Jun “You Just Got Endo’d” Endo T-shirt is sold out for the time being, sadly). There’s sleek hard looks, a fun retro one, and even an all-NWSL T-shirt for the Rob Lowes out there.

Best of all, all of these T-shirts are officially licensed by the NWSLPA, meaning the players will get a cut of these sales. Your purchase literally supports them!

You really can’t go wrong with the offerings here, and BreakingT have really been stepping up in the women’s soccer space lately. Don’t delay, lest your pick end up sold out before you make your order.

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