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LAFC’s Gareth Bale has MLS’s most popular jersey

Wales (or Bale, anyway) is apparently a soccer power.

MLS: Los Angeles FC Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

MLS announced the list of the top 25 jerseys sold in 2022, and the leader is none other than LAFC attacker Gareth Bale, who leads in jersey sales despite only signing with LAFC in late June.

In fact, the No. 3 ranked jersey this year is Carlos Vela’s, Bale’s LAFC teammate, and Vela has consistently ranked on this list since he joined MLS in 2018.

It’s unclear how many jerseys Bale and Vela have sold this season, as MLS doesn’t reveal any details around actual numbers in this regard. But, according to them, two of the most popular three players in the league this year are on LAFC, that’s cool.

Hopefully Bale, Vela and company can win silverware this year and make those jerseys absolutely legendary in black-and-gold lore. We’ll see what the final stretch of the season brings for LAFC.

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