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Chivas USA ownership

MLS players on CUSA's demise: We won't miss team

A pair of LA Galaxy players had brief remarks about Chivas USA earlier this week that fits with overall player opinion of the club's demise. We go over their comments and the general sentiment.

Garber explains "half in, half out" CUSA comment

MLS Commissioner Don Garber elaborated on his comment about Chivas USA ownership being "half in, half out" during his State of the League talk this week. We discuss his latest comments.

Article argues why CUSA failed, says LAFC will too

A blog post on a venture capitalist's website makes a case for why Chivas USA failed and why LAFC is also doomed. We dispute some of the author's points, but find it food for thought at the very least.

Twellman: New LA club to play at LA Coliseum

ESPN's Taylor Twellman reported about the temporary home of the new LA MLS club. We go over the report, and share video of the pundit talking about the story.

CUSA may be over, but passion in LA remains

Chivas USA may have ended their run, but we examine what's left from the wreckage.

Nelson Rodriguez's open letter to fans

Chivas USA president Nelson Rodriguez released an open letter upon news of the team officially ceasing operations. We go over the news.

Chivas USA Academy to close down in June

Chivas USA will close their Academy in June. We go over the news and explain why this is a colossally dumb idea.

Don Garber's got a new letter for CUSA fans

MLS Commissioner Don Garber released an open letter to Chivas USA fans on Monday, following news of the team going out of business entirely. We reprint the entire letter.

CUSA cease operations; LA2 to debut in 2017

Chivas USA are officially done, as the league has announced the club will cease operations immediately. We go over that and several other key news items on a dark day for the club.

Rodriguez: "I see no alternative" to carrying on

Chivas USA president Nelson Rodriguez spoke to reporters about the reports of the club's demise at the season finale on Sunday. We share his words.

Antonio Cué: CUSA "was a very successful project"

Former Chivas USA owner Antonio Cué spoke up for the first time about the team on Monday, and his quotes were pretty astounding.

Black Army talks about their plans for 2015

Chivas USA are reportedly going to not play in 2015. One supporter group of the club, the Black Army 1850, spoke to The Goat Parade about their plans moving forward.

So...what's the story with CUSA's future?

As people wait to hear what will happen with Chivas USA, somebody privy to inside information revealed the fate of the club had been discussed, but...that's about it. We discuss the morsel of info.

Crew have new logo, and didn't even shut down!

We go over the news that the Columbus Crew have a new logo, and didn't even need to quit playing in order to do it, unlike an LA team that apparently needs to. We (irreverently) go over the news.

Lalas on LA2 owners: They wanted to pick my brain

Television personality Alexi Lalas met with the reported new LA2 owners recently, and set the record straight regarding that meeting on a podcast. We go over that as well as some other tidbits from him.

Five big questions about CUSA/LA2's future

With the future of Chivas USA and/or LA2 hanging in the balance, we ask some of the big questions that need to be resolved in looking to the future.

Alexi Lalas spotted with reported new CUSA owners

Prominent American soccer personality Alexi Lalas was spotted with some of the reported new owners of Chivas USA/LA2, subsequent research has shown. We go over the story.

Report: Chivas USA/LA2 new owners revealed?

A new report says that Chivas USA will be bought by a quartet of men, including an LA Dodgers' co-owner and the owner of Welsh side Cardiff City. We go over the latest.

Report: CUSA inching closer to multiyear hiatus

A new report affirms earlier reports about the Chivas USA hiatus situation, and says the break will likely be at least two seasons. We discuss.

Rumor: Cubo going to Galaxy, Sounders? We'll see

Chivas USA's star striker Erick Torres is clearly a hot commodity around MLS. With the team's future in doubt, some speculation is that he's on his way to the LA Galaxy or Seattle Sounders. We discuss the rumor.

Hiatus? LA2 needs rebrand and continue operations

The question being asked is whether Chivas USA should go on hiatus, or make another similarly drastic move, for next season. In our latest column, we argue the solution for the club is to rebrand and keep playing in MLS in 2015.

Burn it down: A case for starting over with LA2

Chivas USA have a largely unsuccessful history, and amidst the reports the team could go on hiatus next year, we argue that maybe it's really for the best.

Don't like hiatus idea? How about LA2 in USL PRO?

One prominent reporter is calling for the team currently known as Chivas USA to drop down to USL PRO in 2015. We discuss the idea.

Could CUSA find a stadium site in the Valley?

A report from a local business journal says a group is looking to bring Chivas USA to the San Fernando Valley. We go over the available information.

Watch: Brian Straus discusses CUSA hiatus report

Brian Straus, the reporter who broker the story about Chivas USA going on hiatus in 2015, was interviewed this week. We share the video.

Report: MLS torn on CUSA hiatus, and much more

Major League Soccer is trying to figure out what to do with Chivas USA, and the reported hiatus may not quite be inevitable. We report the latest from ESPN on that and much more concerning the team's future.

Don Garber confirms possible CUSA hiatus

MLS Commissioner Don Garber confirmed on Thursday that Chivas USA could go on hiatus for 2015, the league's first remarks regarding that report. We have the latest on the developing story.

Cubo is hot commodity around MLS

With trade interest in Erick "Cubo" Torres emerging among reports about the future of Chivas USA, we discuss the latest report regarding the star striker.

Watch: Kennedy, Cabrera talk about hiatus report

We share videos from Phil Collin of Chivas USA's Dan Kennedy and Wilmer Cabrera discussing the report the team might go on hiatus.

I feel like I just wasted thousands of hours

With the report that Chivas USA may be going on hiatus continues to swirl, our managing editor vents for a spell about how she's processing the potential news.

Poll: Is it a good idea for CUSA to go on hiatus?

With the bombshell report that Chivas USA could go on hiatus, we ask the readers of our site to weigh in, both in our poll and the comment section.

Report: "99 percent certainty" CUSA goes on hiatus

A report from on Friday has it that Chivas USA will go on hiatus for the 2015 season, and perhaps longer. We finish hyperventilating for a moment to go over the story.