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The Passover Era

Wilmer Cabrera gets next MLS job on dubious anniversary

Former Chivas USA boss gets another chance in league.

Boom, bust of American soccer leaves collateral damage

The soccer scene is as vibrant as ever! It’s also leaving behind a growing wake of failed teams.

Michael Parkhurst is a jerk

We recount a lame joke by a player who thinks it's still funny to make fun of Chivas USA.

Widowers: Black Army survive, thrive in new era

The Black Army 1850 may still get abuse for once following a now-dead team, but they've moved on in supporting LAFC and are doing better than ever.

Our interesting year: Looking back at 2015

We count down our top stories of the year, with 2016 right around the corner.

There's a lot of hurdles in a San Diego MLS bid

Could MLS to San Diego work? Maybe, now that we know of at least one potential owner. But even if it sounds like a better idea than previously believed, there's still a lot of work to be done.

Thanks, valued readers! (Psst, there's a poll)

We express our gratitude to readers for sticking with us the last year, even during a weird time, and thank other entities for their support on this Thanksgiving. Plus, a poll about our rebrand!

Neutral Chronicles: Why int'l soccer is a blessing

In our latest entry in our series about being a neutral, we discuss why international soccer is a great refuge for those without a club team.

Commemorating Chivas USA Memorial Day

Chivas USA folded exactly a year ago. We muse about the anniversary and how people have moved on since then.

Neutral Chronicles: Why October is so lonely

In our latest installment looking at MLS from a now-neutral's perspective, we argue the end of the season is just as depressing to follow as a neutral as the beginning, with nothing at stake for our personal rooting interests.

Looks like NASL isn't coming to SoCal after all

There may have been reports late last year that the NASL would be coming to Los Angeles, but we declare those reports dead, based on evidence in the interim.

Why being a fan isn't tied up in dollars and cents

Who doesn't like going to conventions and other events (not to mention games) as a fan? But the reality is that some people just can't, for various reasons. We argue why "real" fandom isn't tied up with paying for such events.

Behold, the bounty of soccer viewing options today

Newsflash (ok, maybe not)! It's easier than ever to watch soccer on TV and via streams in the U.S. We discuss the bounty available to American soccer fans.

Neutral Chronicles: The joy of watching dominance

In our latest column about MLS in a neutral era, we discuss the fun of watching Toronto FC's Sebastian Giovinco, who is setting the league on fire on a regular basis.

Neutral Chronicles: Nobody understands your pain

In our latest column, we discuss the fall of the Philadelphia Union and the frustration piling up among the fanbase.

MLS players on CUSA's demise: We won't miss team

A pair of LA Galaxy players had brief remarks about Chivas USA earlier this week that fits with overall player opinion of the club's demise. We go over their comments and the general sentiment.