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Our interesting year: Looking back at 2015

We count down our top stories of the year, with 2016 right around the corner.

Now we know why CUSA never had USL PRO affiliate

A recent podcast interview sheds some light on why Chivas USA never had a USL PRO affiliate during MLS' first two years of partnership with the league, even with a USL PRO team in their backyard. We go over the information.

Escándalo! Vergara says Fuentes out of business

Former terrible Chivas USA owners Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes appear to be splitting up, as Vergara has kicked his wife out of his business empire. We discuss.

LAFC wishlist: Don't skimp on player nutrition

With stories emerging in recent weeks about how some teams (including the defunct Chivas USA) cut corners regarding food for players at the training sessions, we request incoming club LAFC to take a much more proactive approach.

Featured Fanshot

Is Jorge Vergara a bad owner, or worse?

You may never want to see the name "Jorge Vergara" ever again, and that's understandable. However, Elliott Turner has an interesting take on the former Chivas USA owner over on The Soccer Gods website. Is he a poor owner? Yeah. Is he pure evil? Maybe not to the extent that some would have it. Check it out if you're interested.

Cubo starts and scores for Chivas...U-20s

Former Chivas USA striker Erick "Cubo" Torres is back with Chivas de Guadalajara, who played him in the U-20s game to start the season. We go over the latest.

Julio Morales called up to USMNT training camp

The U.S. Men's National Team has some former Chivas USA representation, as forward Julio Morales was shockingly called up. We have the story.

Cubo presented in Gdl; no word on MLS destination

Erick "Cubo" Torres was presented by Chivas de Guadalajara on Saturday, but there still is no word as to which MLS club he'll be playing for in the future. We go over the latest.

Chivas: Cubo sold to MLS, but coming back on loan

Chivas de Guadalajara announced on Thursday that forward Erick "Cubo" Torres was sold to MLS, but will be coming back to the club on loan. We go over the bizarre announcement.

Garber explains "half in, half out" CUSA comment

MLS Commissioner Don Garber elaborated on his comment about Chivas USA ownership being "half in, half out" during his State of the League talk this week. We discuss his latest comments.

Robin Fraser discusses CUSA, LAFC in new interview

Former Chivas USA head coach Robin Fraser was on the Seeing Red podcast this week, and discussed his old team and LAFC during the interview. We have his remarks.

Article argues why CUSA failed, says LAFC will too

A blog post on a venture capitalist's website makes a case for why Chivas USA failed and why LAFC is also doomed. We dispute some of the author's points, but find it food for thought at the very least.

McLain: I was "punished" for not speaking Spanish

Former Chivas USA goalkeeper Patrick McLain was interviewed about his experiences in the professional game, and his allegations against former coach Jose Luis Real's staff are pretty shocking.

Antonio Cué: CUSA "was a very successful project"

Former Chivas USA owner Antonio Cué spoke up for the first time about the team on Monday, and his quotes were pretty astounding.

Official: CUSA extend Cubo Torres' loan

Chivas USA announced they have extended forward Erick Torres' loan to the end of the 2014 season. We go over the news and the body of work the striker has put up in a very short time.

Cubo talks about desire to return to Guadalajara

Chivas USA forward Erick "Cubo" Torres discussed his experience playing with the MLS side in a recent interview, but it's his comments about his future that we highlight. We discuss the latest in the story about his future with CUSA.

More drama for Chivas de Gdl, as La Volpe fired

Chivas de Guadalajara have fired their latest coach, Ricardo La Volpe, after just four games in charge, but his dismissal is apparently due to misconduct. We discuss the news.

CUSA, Clippers fans have plenty in common

The LA Clippers have an odious owner. Chivas USA had an odious owner of their own until very recently. We discuss the parallels and treatment fans have faced as a result.

Güero Real fired as Chivas de Gdl coach

Former Chivas USA coach Jose Luis Real is the latest former manager to be fired this week, as he was shown the door by Chivas de Guadalajara. We have the latest.

Vergara makes "Pirates of the Caribbean" crack

Chivas USA's former owner made an interesting comment about the failure of his old team on Thursday. We take him to task for his remark.

Rodriguez: Cubo might stay beyond June

Chivas USA president Nelson Rodriguez held a conference call Monday, and discussed the future of star Mexican striker Erick "Cubo" Torres. We have the latest.

Chivas ruin it for CUSA in the Desert Diamond Cup

Chivas USA finished second in group play at the Desert Diamond Cup -- so they're on to the title game Saturday! Not so fast...another Chivas team has usurped them. We go over the news.

Chivatown Post-Mortem Edition

Much went wrong in between the beginning and the end of Chivas USA. We discuss some of the reactions emerging from the news, and ponder what might have been.

The lowlights: 10 awful moments in Vergara era

With the news that Jorge Vergara is out as Chivas USA owner, we go over some of the worst moments in his tenure in charge of the club.

Commentary: Goodbye fútbol, hello normalcy

New contributor Eric Bobadilla gives his take on the Chivas USA sale to Major League Soccer Thursday, including considerations for the 2014 roster.

Garber: CUSA discrimination lawsuits "resolved"

During a conference call Thursday, MLS Commissioner Don Garber acknowledged a discrimination lawsuit filed against Chivas USA had been "resolved." We go over the latest.

ESPN reporting Chivas USA could be sold

ESPN reported Wednesday that Chivas USA could be sold. We go over the report, and urge caution in believing it's going to happen at this point.

Jorge Vergara confirms possible CUSA rebrand

Chivas USA owner Jorge Vergara confirmed the club is looking into the possibility of rebranding the team. We go over the latest on the developing story.

Rebrand coming? Two new trademarks filed

The Goat Parade has learned that a company that appears to be associated with Chivas USA has applied for three trademarks on two new names and logos. We go over the news.

Potential loophole closing on MLS loans?

Alexi Lalas tweeted out some MLS roster rule information that is pretty interesting regarding loans. We go over the info and discuss what it means to a club like Chivas USA.

Why the LA Gunners rumor is (probably) made up

Rumors have been swirling in recent days that, among other things, Stan Kroenke is looking to bring a "LA Gunners" team to MLS. We go over the rumor and poke holes in it, while acknowledging that it is not inconceivable.

Paco Palencia named Chivas USA Sporting Director

Chivas USA announced in a press conference Tuesday that Paco Palencia has been named Sporting Director of the club, effectively reinstating him to the position he departed in November. Meanwhile, he also has the same job in Guadalajara.