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What the Flock?! podcast

Chivatown Post: Reality Check Edition

Chivas USA must end the season strongly in order not to set the second-worst record in the history of the franchise, the latest What the Flock?! podcast is up, and fans want to know what the best location for a Chivas stadium in the LA area would be.

Chivatown Post: The Magic No. 9 Edition

Chivas USA have not won more than 8 games since 2009. Can they make it 9, maybe 10, to end this season strong? The entire organization needs at least 9 wins to show a small, but upward trend.

"What the Flock?!": Goats win! Let's celebrate!

Our podcast partner "What the Flock?!" has a new episode out, and we preview the show. Topics include the midweek loss to Dallas, the weekend win over New York, and much, much more.

"What the Flock?!" has too hot for TV interview!

"What the Flock?!" is back, and in addition to discussing Chivas USA's red cards and events good and bad on the field lately, promises the unreleased footage of Paco Palencia's interview by Soledad O'Brien. Don't miss it!

Rejoice! "What the Flock?!" is back!

Our podcast partner "What the Flock?!" is back, and their latest episode touches on some of the most recent controversies to swirl around Chivas USA, with their patented mix of honesty, emotion, and humor.

"What the Flock?!" podcast - is the sky falling?

Our podcast partner "What the Flock?!" has a new episode out, and it is a must-listen, featuring discussion about the firing of Chelís, an interview over the lawsuit filed against the club, interactions between Supporter Groups and team, & more!

The latest "What the Flock?!" is out! Listen now!

Our podcast partner "What the Flock?!" has dropped a new episode, discussing Chivas USA matters on and off the field in what has been a pretty crazy week.

"What the Flock?!" ponders "What if?" this week

Our podcast partner "What the Flock?!" has a new episode out this week, and previews the show with this post. Perhaps most importantly, the hosts are wondering, "What if?" this week.

"What the Flock?!" is Back! CUSA Snoozes Edition

The latest episode of "What the Flock?!" is available! We preview the show, and give you a way to watch it!

"What the Flock?!" with Alexi Lalas & Grant Wahl

Our podcast partner "What the Flock?!" has pulled out all the stops this week, by discussing Chivas USA with two of the most known and respected names in American soccer, Alexi Lalas and Grant Wahl.

What the Flock?! - Supporters Groups Speak Out!

In the latest "What the Flock?!" podcast episode, we speak to members of both of Chivas USA's supporter groups, and also talk to former GM Jose Domene.

"What the Flock?!" Interviews Chelís After Gangwon

Our podcast partners "What the Flock?!" spoke with Chivas USA coach Chelís after Saturday's preseason match against Gangwon FC.

"What the Flock?!" Exclusive Interview with Minda

One of the questions this offseason for Chivas USA is what is happening with Oswaldo Minda. Fortunately, the "What the Flock?!" podcast interviewed him to find out.

"What the Flock?!" Talks to Chelís After UCI Match

Following Saturday's scrimmage against UC Irvine, "What the Flock?!" interviewed Chivas USA coach Chelís, and he was full of colorful quotes about defenders' heights, salary, and the state of non-Latinos on the team.

"What the Flock?!" Exclusive interview with Chelis

Our podcast partners, "What the Flock?!" conducted an interview with Chivas USA coach Chelis, and we have the transcript in English.

What the Flock?! Podcast - Chelis for Xmas!

We welcome the "What the Flock?!" podcast to The Goat Parade, and preview the latest episode.